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Rubru -Women Entreprenuers Of Agra

Motivation is the key to success and happiness. Self motivation unlocks doors to that angel palace where success resides. I bow with my head to those who are self inspired and become role models for others. Such people are an asset to the society. When it comes to the women, giving their due credit and recognition becomes a duty of the society. I welcome yo all to read and feel enlightened by knowing about these super women of Agra. Looking forward to bring forward many more. Do write to me at for the same.

Mansi Chandra

Mansi Chandra, a women entrepreneur who has a soft heart and hard shelled mind just like a coconut. She has set benchmarks of professionalism in her arena and keeps social initiatives on a serious note too. Mansi Chandra is a true believer of the saying “As women, we have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth. Seek out strong women to befriend, to align yourself with, to learn from, to collaborate with, to be inspired by, to support, and enlightened by.”

Mrs. Komila Suneja Dhar

Passion turned into profession earned her recognition and identity. One of the pioneer bakers of Agra, Mrs. Komila Dhar is a passionate and dynamic person.


Mrs. Sonali Khandelwal

Mrs. Sonali Khandelwal is an icon for educators. A woman who have taught around a lac kids finds pleasure in enriching the kids with her knowledge and wisdom. An avid reader, she carries a charismatic personality.

Dr. Priyanka Malik Sachdeva

A camino largo, paso corto – Long way, short step. The cosmetology is a rare profession to opt for. Setting benchmarks in this field is something recommendable. The Sunny tales wishes you more success falling at your feet.

Dr. Manisha Sharma

Manisha Sharma is a yogi. Her expertise in yoga has benefitted many. Curing ailments and diseases with her yoga skills and knowledge. Her magnetic persona always bounds to motivate others.


How to prepare for the Olympiad

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

On a personal note, what you are you are because you dream to be it. Your enthusiasm to live the dream makes you work for it. And hard work always pays off.

Winning an Olympiad is a dream of every child and enthusiastic parent. If you have right planning and strategies to follow, you can always make it happen.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Grab and Go through the syllabus

First and Foremost, do go through the syllabus thoroughly. Read it and make notes. Highlight the key topics. Filter it well: segregate your areas of strength and weak areas too. Work on your weak areas.

2. Gather the resources:

After deep study and analysis of syllabus, gather all the resources you need. You can find good e-books or audio-books or textbooks. You can even look for a good you tube channel which can help you work on your weak areas.

3. Go with Planning and strategies

You have to align the resources with your planning. Devise a daily schedule. Break the topics into days. Pick route- simple to complex or complex to simple depending on the resources in hand.

4. Grab a Notepad:

Always make notes. Notes should be brief and precise. Keep two to three different notepads- math, vocab, general knowledge and current affairs etc. Develop your own dictionary of words. Keep “who is who”, “important days and events”, ” prizes and awards”, “sports and their specifications” on high priority.

You can go with physical (paper) notepads or you can even create some on whiteboard or google notepad or in MS word.

5. Math Magic:

Math puzzles and riddles are important to be cracked with accuracy and time efficiency too. Keep your hands on. Learn quick tricks. Learn Vedic Math.

5. Grow Focus and attention:

It is always advisable to do at least 15 mins meditation daily to keep your battery charged. Yoga and meditation will help you stay focused and on task. Also, keep yourself hydrated.

6. Practice!

A popular saying ” Practice makes a man perfect”. Do practice. It not only makes you enlightened but also brings confidence in you.

If sample papers are provided, practice them or find some good practice resources- workbook, textbook or worksheets.

Last but not the least, learning is a process and not the end. You have to always keep learning and folding it in your diaries of encyclopedias.


The fitness tales

Many quotes have been said, many articles have been written and many philosophies have been done too on the Yoga. Even, there has been bets on the origin of yoga too. I will share why I reinstated yoga into my life.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-21 at 00.14.46


It happened when I was engrossed into stomach ulcer. The medical treatments could not make any good impact rather they just led me to more medicines and body aches. Life used to suck at every moment-especially celebration times. As I could not relish any food. The turning point came when I discussed my stomach issues with a friend who happens to be a doctor too about the ultimate solution. She told me that it would be just another salt. It was a pause. I didn’t want a life in which everyday starts with a medicine and ends with a medicine.


I bought a yoga mat and started the yoga practice. Although, I remembered the yoga postures since I had learnt in Art of living, still I shuffled youtube for the support; especially the ones which can help me cure my disease and burn excess fat around belly and thighs. My favorite ones are shilpa shetty and Boho beautiful.

As I am doing it for last year, the medicines have expired and i am alive happily!!!

I will start sharing the asnas and their benefits. So, stay tuned.


Pic Courtsey: Mehran Uddin #Travelicious


Sowing Seeds


The goal of every childhood education should be to activate child’s own natural desire to learn” -Maria Montessari

Sowing seeds is a place where children are not taught but nurtured; where education is not delivered but gifted softly. It focusses on the overall development of child with extensive techniques, child-centric teaching methodologies and focus creating tools. The teaching is done keeping in mind the softness of the childhood following the criteria of ‘simple to complex’.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-06 at 00.32.54

Here’s a brief introduction of the school from the mouth of the very dynamic and dynamite personality -the Owner and Principal of school- Diksha Aswani. The interview was taken in the school campus itself to have a close feel.

Me and Diksha Ji at Sowing Seeds
Best Selfie with the lady with a mission

Q1. Diksha Ji, I have heard a lot about your passion towards the school. The curiosity has brought me here. First of all, I would like to know about  the foundation of the school.

A1. I always wished to do something in the education field but I was so engrossed in the upbringing of my two boys that I couldn’t. Since they are grown up now to take care of themselves, I am able to focus on my mission.

I started the school four years ago. My school is a Kindergarten school with Principal’s office, four classrooms with natural light, one activity zone with extensive tools, one play area and a big auditorium hall. We also take the advantage of the adjoining park for the physical activities. I have ensured that the floor is matted properly so that kids don’t get hurt. I have allowed the natural light to come in the rooms as the tender bodies require Vitamin D and fresh air to grow naturally.

As it is said ‘The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step.’ I also wish that the journey I have started will help me spread the right education strategies to the society. Moreover, my goal is to make it grow to a primary school which is on high demand from parents. “It is not what is poured into a student that counts but what is planted”

Q2. Education is a service which always carries a strong vision. What is your philosophy when you laid the foundation of ‘Sowing Seeds’?

A2. The top priority for me is the ‘HAPPINESS’ of the child. I focus on the happiness of the child, the learning will eventually follow. You might have heard, Don’t educate your child to be rich. Educate your child to be happy. So, they know the value of things not price.”

Sowing Seeds- Where Growth Comes Automatically

Q3. What are the key factors focused while the curriculum is designed?

A3. Keeping the focus on happiness, there are multiple things the school works on:

  • Overall growth and grooming of the children
  • Cover every aspect: cognitive, intellectual, behavioral and physical
  • Boost the confidence level
  • Create space for the natural growth under guided grounds
  • Value based education

You will be surprised to know that little ones conduct the assembly on a small stage with the support of teachers. It helps boost their confidence level.

Q4. Since Pre-schooling lays the base for the growth of the children; just like a tailor, teacher chooses blend of right platforms (fabric), right thread (tools) and right format (curriculum), please tell us what skill formations and activities are focused on in the ‘Sowing Seeds’?

A4. Basically Shilpa, there are three learning styles: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. We, at Sowing Seeds, focus on all three styles through developing their cognitive skills, gross motor skills, sensory skills, fine motor skills and last but not the least, Oration.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-28 at 15.18.15

Teachers facilitate the learning through different techniques – individual attention, small group work, team work and stage performances.

We have built diverse zones – sensory station, pouring station and free play station etc. through which the complex concepts are taught in play way method.


Tiny tots are also put into little innovative games like “Arm to Arm” Race, “Bangle” Circle, Blocks and Placards, Sand cart play fun and Name your favorites etc.

We also amuse them through music and dance, which is again a part of learning. We instill the forgotten traditional values of nationalism, brotherhood, sense of humor and respect for elders etc. through these.

Q4. The place Kamla Nagar, Agra is a hub of Preschools. What makes you stand out in the crowd?

A4. Yes, there are schools mushrooming in every corner. But sadly, valuable concepts are not being acknowledged. Well, I have never been in any race. I am doing my job with complete dedication. Our pattern is completely different though. We have always been pioneer in doing experimental and successful things.  We generate a curriculum which is child -centric and value based. Our USP is “Personal Care and attention”. Moreover, Sowing seeds enables the general awareness among children practically.


The knowledge is sought and executed very differently here. We go deep rooted and impart a learning which lasts.

Our mechanism is such that it helps the child become a lifelong learner and critical thinker. While sticking to the roots, we make them grow. Not only that, they easily get admitted to the schools with good remarks.

Q5. The accessibility to real world provides first hand information to the child and a good step towards lifelong learning. Do you believe in enriching children through field trips and excursions.

A5. Very true. The field trips and excursions are always the best tools for providing real education. I do value it and inculcate the same quite often. Further, we plan them and correlate with the curriculum too. So far, we have taken students to the best bakery in the town MKOP where they relished the cakes and a cute demo of cakes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apart from that, the fruit and vegetable market visit, park visit, salon visit and post office visit etc. are scheduled too.

Q6. Annual events are the best platform to exhibit the learning and confidence of the child. Parents always look forward to see their little ones performing on stage or showing the physical skills through annual day or sports day. How do you celebrate the completion of the year?

A6. Since the early years of childhood are the years of physical growth. Throughout the year, my team focuses on the physical activities like yoga, games, races and Taekwando etc. So, I celebrate their annual learning and childhood through annual sports day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Q7. Behind every successful organization, it is the mentor’s planning and team’s execution working in a harmonious pattern.

A7. Well said, Shilpa Ji. My team has always been supportive of my decisions and the curriculum designed by me. They put forward the planning with 200% zeal and enthusiasm. I just adore them.

Q8. Nowadays, technology use is so much in fashion and we see parents or administrators committing the remarks that my child is a whiz with Pads and Gaming apps etc. As an educator, what is your take on the technology intervention in early years?

A8. I strictly stand against the idea of using the technology as a tool of learning. Although, we can surely use them for reinforcement. It is a shame on our society that we are taking away the innocence from the childhood by giving them the gadgets. We are missing the joy of real work, one-on-one conversation, feel the nature, mess up with colors and arranging-rearranging the toys.

There is a lot of exposure to the technology already at home in the form of Tabs, Smart Phones and TV. Somewhere we have to ration it. In the name of gadgets, all I have is one smart-screen which is used authentically and one music system. And I proudly call my school a “No-Gadget” premise.

 Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” The little ones at Sowing Seeds are being given an education enriched with the elements of physical, psychological, intellectual and vocal skills. Keep sowing the seeds of perfect education and  provide a beautiful knowledgeable world to us! Thanks Diksha Ji and all the best!






Wardrobe Gossip

‘Style is very personal thing. It has nothing to do with fashion.’ ‘Wardrobe gossip’  not only innovates styles but makes you feel special with it’s uniqueness. The best quality fabric, the fine stitch and the caring touch inside-outside are the features.

51775654_419170138860100_6104321126702252032_nThe clothes give your personality an appeal. It personifies your aura. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. So always wear stylish clothes.


5 Tips on Sustainable Fashion

” Fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth”

Wear and style your wardrobe in such a way that it should sustain longer and have a capability of mixing and matching.

Be a conscious buyer. Make sure that you know your long term needs. Invest on the products which can be used for a longer period of time!

Style your pre used clothes. Go FOR “DIY” or “Styling” your old clothes.

Longer the life of products you use, better promises you make to the mother earth! Use-Reuse-Style-Restyle!

Choose gifts that support your cause of saving nature. Go Organic. Opt for gifts that are unique and sustainable!

You don’t have to flood your wardrobe with too many things rather you just need styling tips. Choose Quality Over Quantity!

Remember: Waste isn’t waste until we waste it.

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Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Let pictures tell their own tale!


The Okhla Bird Sanctuary (OBS) is a beautiful nature eccentric trail of roughly 4 square kilometres in size with majestic view of the Yamuna on the left. It leaves the visitors with an everlasting impression on their minds. A perfect hangout for wildlife photographers as it has located viewpoints for the photography and facility of e carts as well.

It is situated at the entrance of NOIDA in Gautam Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. It is situated at a point where river Yamuna enters in the state of Uttar Pradesh leaving the territory of Delhi. It is one amongst 15 bird sanctuaries in the state.

The Uttar Pradesh Government notified this as Sanctuary in the year 1990. It is now one of the 466 IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in India.

Bougainvillea Exhibition and a Chrysenthemum Show

Traditionally, this Sunday, 5th Dec,2021, I would have been making paranthas today instead I served a continental cum indian chai with some bread butter and mini UP fame kachoris. Such a big sacrifice for a Punjabi family. You know why!? 

I had to rush for the mega and my favorite event  “Bougainvillea Exhibition and a Chrysenthemum Show” at the Colonel’s Country Greens near Kalakriti Grounds , Fatehabad Road , Agra. Jokes apart, being a part of such a big platform is something a nature savy person would never deny.

Being a passionate nature lover, it has been my privilege to be invited by Dr. Mukul Pandya ji.

Dr.S.C.Sharma , Former Director Grade Scientist (CSIR – NBRI)  inaugurated the exhibition. Dr.Sharma is an internationally renowned authority on Bougainvillea and is credited for evolving over half a dozen varieties of Bougainvilleas including Shweta ,Shubhra, Parthasarthy ,Surekha & Hawaiian Beauty  during his 50 years of R & D work.  Dr.Sharma also gave  a talk on “Bougainvillea, a long journey from Brazil to India” that would cover 250 years of Research & Development work on Bougainvillea .

Dr.Barun Sarkar , Ms.Lovely Kathuria , Ms.Daisy Gujral  and Renu Bhagat graced the stage with their valuable presence.

It was not just an exhibition but also a day to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of the plant lovers. In the same context, Dr. Mukul Pandya was given his due recognition. Dr. Mukul also mentioned Mr. Ankush Dave for his precious efforts for the biodiversity nature park. Dr. S C Sharma also shared his experience and love for nature and plants. Dr. S. C. Sharma was presented with Life Time Achievement Award Trophy. Mr.Kamaljeet Singh , Horticulturist,  was greeted with Invaluable Guidance to the Horticulture Club. Daisy Gujral was appreciated for pursuing her passion of plants and delivering a strong message to the society about the same. Program was very well executed and commanded by Ms. Lovely Kathuria, chairperson, Horticulture Club of Agra. Ms. Ranjana Bansal and Ms. Renu Bhagat appreciated the seamless efforts in doing the plantation and love for bonsais. Ms. Ranjana Bansal also advocated to turn Agra into the ‘Bonsai City Of India’.

Dr. Varun Sarkar, while highlighting the medicinal aspect of bougainvillea said that "contraception and anti-diabetic medicines have been made from the extract of its leaves".

A blessed day to envision over 250 pots of Bougainvilleas of 32 different varieties and over 300 pots of Chrysenthemums of 40 different varieties. And trust me, just like Rome was not built in a day, these gorgeous plants are not done overnight too. The plantation requires dedicated effort and patience. 

Mr. Gopal Singh, Ms. Vandana Singh, Kunal, Dr. Amol Shiromany, Ms. Ramita, Dr. Manashi Ray and all the members of Horticulture Club were also present there. 

The sight of flowers and bonsai filled the day with positive energy and a good week ahead to cherish! Society Owes Thanks to Dr. Mukul Pandya and Horticulture Club Of Agra for hosting such a great event.

Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett Tiger Reserve has captured the imagination of many with its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. The natural uniqueness of the area was recognized long ago as a result of which in 1936 Corbett attained the distinction of becoming the first National Park to be established in mainland Asia. The park was then named as the ‘Hailey National Park’ and was later renamed as ‘Corbett National Park’ after James Edward Corbett the noted hunter turned conservationist of the area. (*info copied from website)

Full of adventure and green trails! Just be quiet and listen to the nature while you are there.

Relishing the grassy breakfast and sun basking, the deer looked super cute and relaxing.

Saw the pugmarks !

Elephant footprints!

Red Vented Bulbul
PC : Vandana Singh

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright.

Respect the nature and the natural places. DO NOT throw waste and make noises. Our sensibilities towards nature will only help them survive.

Jim Corbett National Park

Dream do come true!!!

Eco Tourism : Agra – Etawah – Chambal

Eco Tourism : Agra – Etawah – Chambal 

“ To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles” 

It was such a miraculous day when UP Govt and UP forest department decided to give a shoutout to eco tourism. The Dry Run for ecotourism in state’s three circuits Agra- Etawah- Chambal was flagged off by honorable Chief minister Sh. Yogi AdityaNath virtually from Lucknow on 28th Oct, 2021, Wednesday. 

The main motive of the event was to promote eco- tourism and conserve biodiversity of Uttar Pradesh. It was also made sure that people know about #agrabeyondtaj and enlist other tourist destinations as well in their travel list. Divisional Forest Officer Mr. Diwakar Srivastva, National Chambal Sanctuary, Agra stated that the motive of the program is to create awareness among people about ecotourism. Chaudhary Uday Bhan Singh said that this trio circuit will certainly bring new horizons for the tourism industry of Uttar Pradesh. Rajiv Saxena, Vice president of Tourism Guild Agra said enthusiastically, “ The Etawah Lion Safari is a world class tourism opportunity created by the forest department.” Sunil Chaudhary Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Rakesh Chandra and DFO Akhilesh Pandey were also present there. 

On this special occasion, several  dignitaries of Agra witnessed the event-  members of tourist associations, tourist guides, hotel-homestay owners and general managers, Photography Club of Agra (PCA), Taj Photographers Club (TPC), media and others. 

The tri flavor added through tri color balloons was charismatic and amusing. The program was full of enthusiasm and energy from beginning till end.

PC- Gopal Singh

The crew not only enjoyed the dry run of the Agra- Etawah circuit but also relished the hospitality arranged by officials throughout the event. It was an Avant grade trip planned in a systematic way. Hats off to the Divisional Forest Officers for chalking out a great event and fulfilling the aim of CM Yogi ji. 

Live Coverage Of the Event

The circuit started from Taj Nature Walk, Agra. Taj Nature Walk is a beautiful green space in Agra with lots of bird species and other animals. The place is  an oasis of peace and calm. There are Taj Viewpoints which mesmerize tourists. TNW also has an open gym for visitors. You can see romancing peacocks, spying owls and chirpy babblers there. 

The crew moved from TNW to Etawah in neat transportation facilities wherein they were provided food travel packs. The enjoyment found high bounds on reaching Etawah Lion Safari when they were greeted by officials with roses and drinks.

The Lion Safari tour was led nicely with an informative session. The hospitality and  enthusiasm of the officials was appreciable. The day ended with a remarkable video presentation by Mr K k Singh, Director Etawah Safari Park Etawah . Mr A K Singh, Dy Director, Etawah enlightened the participants with informative session about the park. The taste of safari was an enlightening experience which ended with mouth watering refreshment. From on site internal connectivity to souvenirs, hospitality to refreshment, the event deserves a huge round of applause.

  Etawah Safari Park is a drive-through wildlife safari park in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India and one of the biggest Safari in Asia with a perimeter of 8 km. Etawah Safari Park has a lion safari, a deer safari, an antelope safari, a bear safari and a leopard safari. Along with Safaris, It also has a 4D theatre, which gives you real close-ups with wildlife. For more information, please visit

Whenever you plan a visit to Uttar Pradesh, do make sure you check out the website and make a plan to visit hidden treasures. Nature and Travel lovers will surely benefit from this tri circuit.

Eco Tourism is future travel. It is time to give a responsible and sensible information to our young generation if we really wish to save Earth and Nature.

Media Coverage of the event

The Salt Lake

Recently, I visited the Salt Lake with my friends in Sep end. It was hot and humid day but the sight of lake was so mesmerizing that we forgot the heat and gor some cool pics quickly.

The lake receives water from six rivers: Mantha, Rupangarh, Khari, Khandela, Medtha and Samod. Lake has 5700 square km catchment area.[2] The lake is an extensive salinewetland, with water depth fluctuating from as few as 60 centimetres (24 in) during the dry season to about 3 meters (10 ft) at the end of the monsoon season. It occupies an area of 190 to 230 square kilometers based on the season. The lake is elliptically shaped with a length of approximately 35.5 km and a breadth varying between 3  km and 11 km. The lake straddles Nagaur and Jaipur districts and borders on the Ajmer district. The circumference of the lake is 96 km, and it is surrounded by the Aravali hills on all sides.

We had a tea break at The Sambhar Heritage Resort nearby and had a splendid sunset!

Best time to Visit: Oct-Dec

How To Reach

By Road – For Jaipur-based visitors, Sambhar Lake is within a day’s trip. One can take National Highway 8 to Dudu and then head north to Sambhar. Alternatively, one can take NH 8 to Malhan and then ask for Phulera, which is just short of Sambhar.

In a nutshell, spend some time there for a mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset. If you are a bird lover, this is the best place to visit as it has lot of water bodies around. Birds relish their time in wetlands. Enjoy the clean and crystal water and sky playing and making beautiful formations reaching infinity.

Note: Do Not throw garbage. Keep it clean!

Neemrana Fort

“Happiness Lies In Opening Doors to heartfelt places”

Door To Happiness

The evenings and mornings are mesmerising with birds and peacocks waking you up. The food is good. Excellent choice for the ones who wish to relive the prince and princess world. A lovely place to visit. Great heritage world. Minus the stair cases, the place is a must visit.

Here are some clicks to let you enjoy all about it!

My visit was on friends birthday which doubled the passion. The mouth watering food and royal dining ambience is what you would admire.

Tradition and culture of Rajasthan is well represented by artifects, traditional styled doors, the hand crafted wooden room decors and even the dress code of the staff gives you the royal vibe. You don’t need a time machine to take you to the old times just make a visit to Neemana fort resort and you are good to go.

The dawn and dusk here is so mesmerising that blows your mind away. The breeze tells the tales of welcoming people around, the birds sing the story of royal feathers and the peacock make their majestic appearance to embrace you.

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Morning Love click by Me
Happy faces

PS: Don’t go if you have knee issues. A lot many staircases will be much of a discomfort if you have some ortho issues
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