How to prepare for the Olympiad

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

On a personal note, what you are you are because you dream to be it. Your enthusiasm to live the dream makes you work for it. And hard work always pays off.

Winning an Olympiad is a dream of every child and enthusiastic parent. If you have right planning and strategies to follow, you can always make it happen.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Grab and Go through the syllabus

First and Foremost, do go through the syllabus thoroughly. Read it and make notes. Highlight the key topics. Filter it well: segregate your areas of strength and weak areas too. Work on your weak areas.

2. Gather the resources:

After deep study and analysis of syllabus, gather all the resources you need. You can find good e-books or audio-books or textbooks. You can even look for a good you tube channel which can help you work on your weak areas.

3. Go with Planning and strategies

You have to align the resources with your planning. Devise a daily schedule. Break the topics into days. Pick route- simple to complex or complex to simple depending on the resources in hand.

4. Grab a Notepad:

Always make notes. Notes should be brief and precise. Keep two to three different notepads- math, vocab, general knowledge and current affairs etc. Develop your own dictionary of words. Keep “who is who”, “important days and events”, ” prizes and awards”, “sports and their specifications” on high priority.

You can go with physical (paper) notepads or you can even create some on whiteboard or google notepad or in MS word.

5. Math Magic:

Math puzzles and riddles are important to be cracked with accuracy and time efficiency too. Keep your hands on. Learn quick tricks. Learn Vedic Math.

5. Grow Focus and attention:

It is always advisable to do at least 15 mins meditation daily to keep your battery charged. Yoga and meditation will help you stay focused and on task. Also, keep yourself hydrated.

6. Practice!

A popular saying ” Practice makes a man perfect”. Do practice. It not only makes you enlightened but also brings confidence in you.

If sample papers are provided, practice them or find some good practice resources- workbook, textbook or worksheets.

Last but not the least, learning is a process and not the end. You have to always keep learning and folding it in your diaries of encyclopedias.


The fitness tales

Many quotes have been said, many articles have been written and many philosophies have been done too on the Yoga. Even, there has been bets on the origin of yoga too. I will share why I reinstated yoga into my life.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-21 at 00.14.46


It happened when I was engrossed into stomach ulcer. The medical treatments could not make any good impact rather they just led me to more medicines and body aches. Life used to suck at every moment-especially celebration times. As I could not relish any food. The turning point came when I discussed my stomach issues with a friend who happens to be a doctor too about the ultimate solution. She told me that it would be just another salt. It was a pause. I didn’t want a life in which everyday starts with a medicine and ends with a medicine.


I bought a yoga mat and started the yoga practice. Although, I remembered the yoga postures since I had learnt in Art of living, still I shuffled youtube for the support; especially the ones which can help me cure my disease and burn excess fat around belly and thighs. My favorite ones are shilpa shetty and Boho beautiful.

As I am doing it for last year, the medicines have expired and i am alive happily!!!

I will start sharing the asnas and their benefits. So, stay tuned.


Pic Courtsey: Mehran Uddin #Travelicious


Sowing Seeds


The goal of every childhood education should be to activate child’s own natural desire to learn” -Maria Montessari

Sowing seeds is a place where children are not taught but nurtured; where education is not delivered but gifted softly. It focusses on the overall development of child with extensive techniques, child-centric teaching methodologies and focus creating tools. The teaching is done keeping in mind the softness of the childhood following the criteria of ‘simple to complex’.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-06 at 00.32.54

Here’s a brief introduction of the school from the mouth of the very dynamic and dynamite personality -the Owner and Principal of school- Diksha Aswani. The interview was taken in the school campus itself to have a close feel.

Me and Diksha Ji at Sowing Seeds
Best Selfie with the lady with a mission

Q1. Diksha Ji, I have heard a lot about your passion towards the school. The curiosity has brought me here. First of all, I would like to know about  the foundation of the school.

A1. I always wished to do something in the education field but I was so engrossed in the upbringing of my two boys that I couldn’t. Since they are grown up now to take care of themselves, I am able to focus on my mission.

I started the school four years ago. My school is a Kindergarten school with Principal’s office, four classrooms with natural light, one activity zone with extensive tools, one play area and a big auditorium hall. We also take the advantage of the adjoining park for the physical activities. I have ensured that the floor is matted properly so that kids don’t get hurt. I have allowed the natural light to come in the rooms as the tender bodies require Vitamin D and fresh air to grow naturally.

As it is said ‘The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step.’ I also wish that the journey I have started will help me spread the right education strategies to the society. Moreover, my goal is to make it grow to a primary school which is on high demand from parents. “It is not what is poured into a student that counts but what is planted”

Q2. Education is a service which always carries a strong vision. What is your philosophy when you laid the foundation of ‘Sowing Seeds’?

A2. The top priority for me is the ‘HAPPINESS’ of the child. I focus on the happiness of the child, the learning will eventually follow. You might have heard, Don’t educate your child to be rich. Educate your child to be happy. So, they know the value of things not price.”

Sowing Seeds- Where Growth Comes Automatically

Q3. What are the key factors focused while the curriculum is designed?

A3. Keeping the focus on happiness, there are multiple things the school works on:

  • Overall growth and grooming of the children
  • Cover every aspect: cognitive, intellectual, behavioral and physical
  • Boost the confidence level
  • Create space for the natural growth under guided grounds
  • Value based education

You will be surprised to know that little ones conduct the assembly on a small stage with the support of teachers. It helps boost their confidence level.

Q4. Since Pre-schooling lays the base for the growth of the children; just like a tailor, teacher chooses blend of right platforms (fabric), right thread (tools) and right format (curriculum), please tell us what skill formations and activities are focused on in the ‘Sowing Seeds’?

A4. Basically Shilpa, there are three learning styles: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. We, at Sowing Seeds, focus on all three styles through developing their cognitive skills, gross motor skills, sensory skills, fine motor skills and last but not the least, Oration.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-28 at 15.18.15

Teachers facilitate the learning through different techniques – individual attention, small group work, team work and stage performances.

We have built diverse zones – sensory station, pouring station and free play station etc. through which the complex concepts are taught in play way method.


Tiny tots are also put into little innovative games like “Arm to Arm” Race, “Bangle” Circle, Blocks and Placards, Sand cart play fun and Name your favorites etc.

We also amuse them through music and dance, which is again a part of learning. We instill the forgotten traditional values of nationalism, brotherhood, sense of humor and respect for elders etc. through these.

Q4. The place Kamla Nagar, Agra is a hub of Preschools. What makes you stand out in the crowd?

A4. Yes, there are schools mushrooming in every corner. But sadly, valuable concepts are not being acknowledged. Well, I have never been in any race. I am doing my job with complete dedication. Our pattern is completely different though. We have always been pioneer in doing experimental and successful things.  We generate a curriculum which is child -centric and value based. Our USP is “Personal Care and attention”. Moreover, Sowing seeds enables the general awareness among children practically.


The knowledge is sought and executed very differently here. We go deep rooted and impart a learning which lasts.

Our mechanism is such that it helps the child become a lifelong learner and critical thinker. While sticking to the roots, we make them grow. Not only that, they easily get admitted to the schools with good remarks.

Q5. The accessibility to real world provides first hand information to the child and a good step towards lifelong learning. Do you believe in enriching children through field trips and excursions.

A5. Very true. The field trips and excursions are always the best tools for providing real education. I do value it and inculcate the same quite often. Further, we plan them and correlate with the curriculum too. So far, we have taken students to the best bakery in the town MKOP where they relished the cakes and a cute demo of cakes.

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Apart from that, the fruit and vegetable market visit, park visit, salon visit and post office visit etc. are scheduled too.

Q6. Annual events are the best platform to exhibit the learning and confidence of the child. Parents always look forward to see their little ones performing on stage or showing the physical skills through annual day or sports day. How do you celebrate the completion of the year?

A6. Since the early years of childhood are the years of physical growth. Throughout the year, my team focuses on the physical activities like yoga, games, races and Taekwando etc. So, I celebrate their annual learning and childhood through annual sports day.

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Q7. Behind every successful organization, it is the mentor’s planning and team’s execution working in a harmonious pattern.

A7. Well said, Shilpa Ji. My team has always been supportive of my decisions and the curriculum designed by me. They put forward the planning with 200% zeal and enthusiasm. I just adore them.

Q8. Nowadays, technology use is so much in fashion and we see parents or administrators committing the remarks that my child is a whiz with Pads and Gaming apps etc. As an educator, what is your take on the technology intervention in early years?

A8. I strictly stand against the idea of using the technology as a tool of learning. Although, we can surely use them for reinforcement. It is a shame on our society that we are taking away the innocence from the childhood by giving them the gadgets. We are missing the joy of real work, one-on-one conversation, feel the nature, mess up with colors and arranging-rearranging the toys.

There is a lot of exposure to the technology already at home in the form of Tabs, Smart Phones and TV. Somewhere we have to ration it. In the name of gadgets, all I have is one smart-screen which is used authentically and one music system. And I proudly call my school a “No-Gadget” premise.

 Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” The little ones at Sowing Seeds are being given an education enriched with the elements of physical, psychological, intellectual and vocal skills. Keep sowing the seeds of perfect education and  provide a beautiful knowledgeable world to us! Thanks Diksha Ji and all the best!






Wardrobe Gossip

‘Style is very personal thing. It has nothing to do with fashion.’ ‘Wardrobe gossip’  not only innovates styles but makes you feel special with it’s uniqueness. The best quality fabric, the fine stitch and the caring touch inside-outside are the features.

51775654_419170138860100_6104321126702252032_nThe clothes give your personality an appeal. It personifies your aura. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. So always wear stylish clothes.


Online Teaching Practices

While a teacher’s kit was being transformed from chalk and duster to white board marker, the evolution has come to just carry pen drive or a Pocket computer (mini PC). The outbreak of Corona Virus might have proved to be drastic but it did made us innovate new ways of online teaching.

As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, the teachers in remote areas even managed to teach through just android phones.” Moreover, the technology in teaching has even raised the competitive spirit among teachers and students as well. A teacher’s lesson is not confined to a classroom of 25 or 60 students rather it is out in the virtual world- within the reach of millions. Other than just the content knowledge, the content delivery, the confidence level, the linguistic skills, the audio message and use of appropriate online tools are the new benchmarks in teaching. This parabolic zoom of technology will require teachers to be extra alert and tech savy. As Mr. Puneet Vashisht said “Technology is a game changer” as the good infra structure of a school will no more be a big deal rather the quality teachers and genuine online teaching methods will be considered as priority.

Merely planning a lesson is not the key anymore, the technology plan is the deal to teach. The e-lesson plan must have some pdf or google docs or ppt or related weblinks to share along with your content delivery. Teaching pedagogy has to be set first. Break your topic into three parts. Record the class for the reference.

Just as TikTok has made every Indian a star in virtual world with lacs followers in almost everyone’s pocket, the online learning has made students over smart and the students counter question the teacher- Mr. Aman Kathpal, Maths teacher. Teachers have to come prepared intensely for online class. Setting the classroom norms becomes utmost priority in online teaching. Make some rules and strictly adhere to them. The decent dressing sense, seeking permission to leave, a silent corner, ask questions with consent and no loose talk etc.

Some apps for teachers:

  • Google Classroom
  • Google meet
  • DikshaApp
  • Helloparentapp
  • Microsoft team


Awaken The Durga Within- Usha Naraynan

Women are taken for granted when it comes to choices, freedom and being outspoken. Where being outspoken makes them rude, choosing freedom puts a question mark on their character. The list is endless. A women’s education status doesn’t really make a big difference for the society, although it uplifts the women financially.

The author Usha Naraynan has depicted it all in really innovative way. I personally feel that our culture of women strength and weakness comes from our ancient vedas. The examples have been set long time back and hence being followed. At times, the ancient stories are too depicted in an adverse way. Our ancestors always wanted to strengthen the women and hence the stories. The current situations are compared to the situations of women in those times and how they stood AND fought for their rights be it Savitri, Durga or Parvati.

The book inspires women to make right choices and speak for themselves before it is too late. It is a coach for women struggling with themselves, society or family pressures and unacceptable demands.

Few Quotes I liked:

Choose to be yourself first, before being a mother, wife, employee.

Choose freedom couched in responsibility and liberation blended with wisdom.

Remind yourself that the water or critics cannot touch you unless you allow it.

I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.

You are not a rock that is meant to merely exist or endure. You are flesh and blood, and the world must honour your feelings and desires.


Will Technology Replace Humans?

When Google has become mother and should I say, Whatsapp is our Grandfather or just a toddler? In this scenario of having virtual learning playing a prominent role, do you think that technology will replace humans completely in the teaching learning process. Well, my friends gave interesting inputs in the webinar. I conducted few days ago and how they are:-

Currently, technology has proved to be the saviour and it is the only channel which allowed the learning to  flow freely. In post pandemic situations, we would be sensible towards human touch and a certain distance will always be advised. In such cases, would we miss a ‘pat on the back’ or ‘high five’s ‘ through the hallways…?

“Technology has become new normal. It maay work well with higher classes but it is really tough in primary and pre primary classes to imagine the absence of human teacher because (a) they are not mature enough to intake the learning through technology only (b) their distraction level is too high (c) sense of responsibility or self control is absent.

” The students need time to time intervention. The emotional connect is important as well. They will be misguided or misled if only technology rules the classrooms.”

Thinking of having Just Technology or Robo Teachers in the classrooms is scary and unreal kinda. We can’t escape technology but there is a way to keep it to its optimum utilization AND avoid misuse. The main ingredients of learning is teachers and their teaching styles but technology is surely going to add aromas. Undoubtedly technology will take a recommendable seat in the future education. But always remember, technology can fail but humans cannot.


“Humans may not be perfect  but they make technology perfect”

7 Fs of Hemang Pandit

Once I started reading the book, I could relate much personally. I have a tough journey too in my life from earning 2000 rupees in a charitable school in Punjab to 2 lacs per month in US, Likewise the author has mentioned his struggle from living in a chawl to New Zealand. One must have the light in the heart and focus in the brain to meet success.  The author gave me a hitch with 7 Fs : Family, Freedom , Friends, Fun, Financial Freedom, Food and F@ck the world. The law of diminishing returns does hold right too. Our habits and amendments in the habits is what we all need. Follow the 27 day or 90 day rule but do be precise and pin point your goals. There is a list of factors that waste our time like binge watch and just scrolling through the phone and browsing the internet. They distract us and keep us away from our goal.

I truly appreciate the simple style of writing through which the reader can connect easily. The book is short and sweet just like a mini skirt. It leaves you with a transformation in your heart. Must read book for those who are fighting for their dreams and not able to find the path due to lack of funds and resources. Worth read for the phase of struggling days and those who are in twenties.

Time to read: 1 hr and 18 minutes

Pages: 63

Chapters: 11

Best quote: :You already have the gift; let me help you open it!

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

“Dreams are the gateway to greatness”

“Keep Visualizing that you have achieved your goals”

“Setting a timeline on your dreams helps you turn those into achievements”

“Without a goal, a bullet is just a piece of metal and an arrow is just a flying stick.”


Storytelling is a ritual to be passed on. It is an age old tradition and has very powerful impacts. Every home has a way of doing it. While in some homes, grandma takes the charge of it and in others, everyone does the tit bits of telling a tale to their children. There are specific hours dedicated to the same- with evening tea and snacks, while at dinner, before going to bed, early morning stories. The storytelling makes your children outshine and outgrow.

There are traditional stories which are heard, retold and passed on. Like in Hindu families, it is mostly about Krishna, Rama, Luv Kush and Raavana and while these are being told, the teller emphasizes the values like brotherhood, courage, truthfulness and wisdom.  There are family stories- stories of loosing temper or gaining peace, stories of first day at school or college, how i stole a coin and regret, stories of faith and insanity. The family stories create a beautiful family  bonding which no other instrument can buy.  There are stories of the past-history stories which enhance our IQ level and even guides us how our ancestors used to live. History is better learnt if told in form of a story. Even every picture tells a story as well. In brief, stories are a core part of every culture. Stories inspire and educate, amuse and entertain, conscience and empathize.

Question arises what should be the pattern of storytelling?

There should be a beginning, a middle part and end part. All the three parts carry equal role and importance. Start should be impressive and good enough to start a connection between the speaker and listener. While middle part should take the listener to a level of raising interest. End should be such that the listener loves the idea of storytelling and also gains the  gist as well.

While telling a story, what strategies can be used?

  • eye contact
  • eye language
  • body language : movement of hands; you can hop on to another place; finger movements to make the characters walk
  • vivid phrases – focus on vocab
  • voice modulation – so as to create interest
  • Props – puppets, toys
  • story Jar -use chits
  • Create different versions of the same story sometime

Benefits of storytelling?

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world”

It enhances the intellectual level and perceptions. It gives an insight into the past memories and leads you to a better future. It makes you laugh and cry too. It tickles you and makes you sleep as well. It develops the listening skills and vocab. One explores the cultural roots and creates a sense of bonding with them.

Apps and websites for storytelling












Yoga- Techniques and Science

‘Asna Pranayam Mudra Bandhan ‘ is an epic book of yoga by Swami Satyananda, bihar school of yoga. Swami Satyanada spread the knowledge of yoga to every corner of the world and also founded bihar school of yoga. He spread the slogan of ‘serve, love, give’ and transferred his treasure to million people.

The book ‘Asna Pranayam Mudra Bandhan’ is a perfect book if you want to go into the depth of yoga. It not only tells you about the origin of yoga but also guides you through the various asnas from simple to complex yoga poses. Yoga is far away from simply being physical exercises rather it is an aid of establishing a way of connecting life with realselves. It defines Asna as a state of being in which one can remain physically and mentally steady, calm, quiet and comfortable.  Regular practice of asnas maintain the physical body in an optimum condition and releases the dormant energy potential.

Asnas are classified into #thebeginnersgroup, #theintermediategroup and #theadvancedgroup. With each asna, the name of the asna in both sanskrit and english name and benefits and contra indications are given. The process and time to do asnas is also beautifully expressed in detail. Along with prepatory practice, precautions are also given.

In brief, this book is the best book if one wants to do deep study of yoga asnas. Although we should follow a proper yoga guru or teacher but this book can replace the teacher in case one doesn’t have the choice.


Ikigai came to me at a moment when I was feeling distracted and lost from my ultimate goal. Also, I really feel sad to see my 75 plus mom in law and 65 plus mom to see sticking to bed and complaining that they are good for nothing now. I don’t want to be one of these old women who can’t rejoice life anymore, I wish to have both mental and physical strength in my old age too that’s why I have entertained Yoga to my daily routine.

The book starts with Japanese proverb “Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years” and it touches the art of staying young while growing old and also shares antiaging secrets. It also recommends to find flow in everything you doand master longevity. It gives a comparison of logotherapy of psychotherapy and prefers the previous. Apart from that, the book also tells the experience tales of centenarians as how they made it upto living longer and healthier life. The diet and exercise carry an essential ingredient in a perfect recipe of life.

Nana Korobi Ya Oki/ Fall seven times, rise eight” is the key to remain antifragile and be resilient to deal with the setbacks. Follow the philosophies of Budhism and Stoicism which aim at practicing well being while you are enjoying life’s pleasures. According to stoicism, we should be able to control our emotions and curb our ego and negative emotions.

I even loved the ‘wabi sabi’ and ‘ichi-go ichi-e’ concepts which tell us that instead of looking for beauty in perfection, we should look out beauty in the given things-the things  that are incomplete and temporary.

Although the content on Yoga is something I just skipped because these were known facts and considerations.

On the whole, Ikigai is a beautiful gift to the society. It leads you from darkness to light and follow a right path to healthy lifestyle. Worry less, Walk an extra mile and Weigh your burdens less. A good diet and some sort of exercise is needed to be added. Above all, everyone must have some purpose in life. It is the reason to live ‘ikigai’ and not anything else,  which keeps you going. The authors Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles stress on never retire policy so as to stay young inside.

More The Time, More the merrier

Quarantine is a time gifted by God to us to pause, think and revive our strengths and weaknesses, our relations and bounds, our culture and traditions. We may loose some pennies on the way but I am sure we will gain some Betty love and commitment on the way to freedom.

While some of us maybe regretting over it, I though of utilizing the time by decorating the kitchen , daughter’s broom, living room, a little zen place and all. I even did some craft work and painted too. But I still missed that social connections, it made me go live with the personalities who are connected with education and other spheres.

Session 1. Alka Dua: Yoga Teacher and a nature lover:

How Yoga can prove to be beneficial in boosting the immune system?

Immunity is the most essential ingredient in the recipe of life and we must move a step ahead so as to boost it. If nothing else, we can do simple breathing practice of inhalation and exhalation. She even mentioned the importance of gargle in the morning with lukewarm salty water. About Zero figure, different fitness enthusiasts have different theories. Alka is of the view that a human is born with the zero figure, it is our mistreatment to our body that we bring a bad shape to it. So we should practice mindful eating. While closing the session, she said yoga has no age bar and it is for all. It is a set of techniques to be learnt.

Session 2. Rakhi Kaushik: Fashion designer and Owner of boutique ‘Shringarika’ 

How the fashion industry is going to be affected due to Corona Virus and what would be the new fashion trend?

Rakhi is a trend setter and designs clothes which not only fits you but also fits your pocket well. It is the time of sustainable fashion. In post quarantine period, people will buy less and reinvent with what they have. She suggested that you shuffle, reshuffle and manage your wardrobe. Create magic with what you have. You are about to zoom into an era of DIY and Mix-match. The stylish masks will be in. Maybe the ones with sequins just like Arabics do!

Session 3. Namrata Mishra: An advocate and social worker (child abuse)   

How to best utilize the leisure time for our children?

Apart from being an advocate and a dedicated social worker, Namrata is a potential mom too. It is her upbringing and right education that her teenage child has written a book. Namrata gave us useful tips. It is the time to teach the child from very scratch and that no work is inferior. The children need to learn little household chores, it does not matter it is a boy or girl and what is the nature of the work.

It is time to make them learn. Life skills and transfer the parental legacies too. It is time to rebound and reconnect the live and bonding. Further, make the best utilization of what you have in hand_technology. Explore your skills through different. Apps and youtube channels. If you love birds, go for bird sound app, poke into star gazer app if astronomy attracts you, try audiostorytelling app or Kindle or podcast to enhance the story telling capabilites . To raise academics level, you can go with byju, And khan academy .

Session 4: Luv Goyal: An educationist, Founder of Agra Teachers Club and runs an NGO school for poor children

What is the role of future educator in post pandemic and current quarantine time period?

Luv threw some striking thoughts on the issue. This is a known fact that technology is the only savior to keep the teaching learning process going on. Although this is a bitter truth too that our education system is sailing in two boats- hi tech and conventional methodology.  A harmonious balance between the two can only help save the boat from sinking.

In current situation, the educators who had introduced the technology into the culture and curriculum of school system, are sitting at peace and the other ones are facing a lot of difficulties. What challenges are being faced?

A. There is no such mechanism developed through which the teacher and students can connect directly.

B. The resource persons or teachers are not groomed or trained enough to deliver the lectures in audio or visual format. They lack technical training and confidence level too. Many don’t know how to make PPTs or how to record their lectures or how to make the optimum utilization of technology.

C. The virtual record of students or parents is missing as they never made a sound plan.

Apart from among challenges, there is one more challenge which will be faced by educators in post pandemic situation: How to deal with students who have outgrown their skills and learning through fast technology or who have just been sleeping over the work or assignments sent by the school?

The session is going to start in July probably, till then the educators need to rethink and revive the strategies. We closed the session with a note that in the post pandemic situation, we will have to make some revival in our ongoing education system which should speak volumes of practical learning, life skills and be safe in such pandemic situations.

Session 5. Shilpi Varshney: Director, Kidzee Vaibav Nagar; Styllent Group

What is the role of parents and educators in the growth and development of a child? 

Parents play a basic and very important role in the upbringing of a child. No love can replace the love and care extended by parents especially moms. Most of the times, we hear people say that the teacher is trying to give motherly affection to the child. That is an indication that we feel safe if the care  in schools is a good match to parents’ care.

Although parents are the first and lifelong teacher to a child but schools are no less in nurturing the growth of  a child. The schools ensure that the child learns team spirit, bonding, brotherhood and spirit of giving along with the regular textual learning. Apart from that, the school focuses on the co-sholastic activities too in a symmetric and disciplines atmosphere. Shilpi even mentions that children are just like sponge and they squeeze in as much as you give. So, schools tend to explore more out of the children only and only if there is a keen support of parents too.

Session 6. Diksha Aswani: Principal, Sowing Seeds, Kamla Nagar, Agra

How to enhance the reading skills? Why reading should be a regular part of our lives?

It was an insightful discussion with Diksha Aswani on the topic instilling ‘reading’ as a routine habit in our lives. She states that the reading cannot be introduced forcefully into anybody’s lives. It comes automatically. If someone is adamant on reading and owes his time and energy to other attributes, it is totally fine. We need to respect the individuality unless and until the person is engaged in some constructive work.

On answering ‘why’ reading is an essential ingredient in the life of a human being, it leaves you with wisdom, a distinct style of thoughtfulness and farsightedness. It also enhances the vocab and linguistic skills. It acts as a resource when you want to collect data and information related to any topic.

‘How’ to carry reading sound while the entire universe is under lockdown situation? It becomes dual important to stay away from useless acts and being lazy and obese while we are home and have nothing much to do. Either look for what is in stock in your home or you can go for ebooks. Kindle provides books at a cheaper rate and has a policy of returning the book as well. You can even opt for audiostorytelling or podcasts if you want to have audible literature or material.

Session 6: Parveen Kukreja; What is the role of lesson plan and time table planning in the education system?

The lesson plan has to be customized as per the child’s abilities and capacities. The audio visual aids must be  a part of the learning system along with the focus on physical exercises like yoga and meditation.

Since corona virus is on and schools are locked down, we have installed an app provided by shemford main branch. The planned lesson and assignments are sent to students. Parents are playing a crucial and important role during this time. The delivered lessons can not be fruitful unless parents intervene in the process. It is a real ‘tri cycle’ happening at this time. We are grateful to the parents for helping us out in making the lessons successful.

During this crisis time of pandemic, it is suggested to parents that they utilize this time very well by transferring their knowledge and wisdom to their children. They can also teach them life skills and engage them in household chores. Also, it is time to generate love and bonding.




Turning Points- A Journey Through Challenges

Abdul Kalam loved teaching and research and as he puts it he is never tired of repeating either of them. The book is about his journey of presidency and his mission to connect the billion hearts and minds of people of India. He  described his goals in his lecture ‘ Vision to Mission’ and turning points in his life.

Personally, I carry huge regards for Dr. APJ Abdul kalam. Although I have never met him, but I can feel his soul through his words. He was a man of actions and motivational speaker. his thoughts have inspired many especially youth. Abdul Kalam may have become old but his heart and thoughts were always young and modern. You can find his jolliness, youthful ideas and inspirational quotes in this book. As he mentions ‘courage to think different; courage to invent; courage to travel on an unexplored path; courage to discover the impossible path’

As his presidential rule, he gave due respect to each and all. He tried to reach everyone for research and analysis through morning breakfast, hi tea and official meetings. He connected MPs of all the states too to get a good insight. He even helped the judiciary system to resolve lifelong pending matters and suggested nine sound reforms. He even reached out to naval chief and staff and reviewed the buoyancy control mechanisms enthusiastically. He gave ten national addresses during his tenure disclosing how to translate vision to mission. He even covered the journey to many states of India with zeal and enthusiasm. before visitation, there were virtual conferences in the rashrpati bhavan. On the whole he had a busy and constructive presidency tenure and as he quotes from bhagvad gita “See the flower, how freely it gives of its perfume and honey. And when work is done, it falls quietly.”

“O my fellow citizens

In giving, you receive happiness

In body and soul

You have everything to give

If you have knowledge, share it

If you have resources, share them with the needy

Use your mind and heart

To remove the pain of suffering

And cheer the sad hearts

In giving, you receive happiness

Almighty will bless all your actions!

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