Rubru -Women Entreprenuers Of Agra

Motivation is the key to success and happiness. Self motivation unlocks doors to that angel palace where success resides. I bow with my head to those who are self inspired and become role models for others. Such people are an asset to the society. When it comes to the women, giving their due credit and recognition becomes a duty of the society. I welcome yo all to read and feel enlightened by knowing about these super women of Agra. Looking forward to bring forward many more. Do write to me at shilpa@apricotgroup.in for the same.

Mansi Chandra

Mansi Chandra, a women entrepreneur who has a soft heart and hard shelled mind just like a coconut. She has set benchmarks of professionalism in her arena and keeps social initiatives on a serious note too. Mansi Chandra is a true believer of the saying “As women, we have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth. Seek out strong women to befriend, to align yourself with, to learn from, to collaborate with, to be inspired by, to support, and enlightened by.”

Mrs. Komila Suneja Dhar

Passion turned into profession earned her recognition and identity. One of the pioneer bakers of Agra, Mrs. Komila Dhar is a passionate and dynamic person.


Mrs. Sonali Khandelwal

Mrs. Sonali Khandelwal is an icon for educators. A woman who have taught around a lac kids finds pleasure in enriching the kids with her knowledge and wisdom. An avid reader, she carries a charismatic personality.

Dr. Priyanka Malik Sachdeva

A camino largo, paso corto – Long way, short step. The cosmetology is a rare profession to opt for. Setting benchmarks in this field is something recommendable. The Sunny tales wishes you more success falling at your feet.

Dr. Manisha Sharma

Manisha Sharma is a yogi. Her expertise in yoga has benefitted many. Curing ailments and diseases with her yoga skills and knowledge. Her magnetic persona always bounds to motivate others.


How to prepare for the Olympiad

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

On a personal note, what you are you are because you dream to be it. Your enthusiasm to live the dream makes you work for it. And hard work always pays off.

Winning an Olympiad is a dream of every child and enthusiastic parent. If you have right planning and strategies to follow, you can always make it happen.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Grab and Go through the syllabus

First and Foremost, do go through the syllabus thoroughly. Read it and make notes. Highlight the key topics. Filter it well: segregate your areas of strength and weak areas too. Work on your weak areas.

2. Gather the resources:

After deep study and analysis of syllabus, gather all the resources you need. You can find good e-books or audio-books or textbooks. You can even look for a good you tube channel which can help you work on your weak areas.

3. Go with Planning and strategies

You have to align the resources with your planning. Devise a daily schedule. Break the topics into days. Pick route- simple to complex or complex to simple depending on the resources in hand.

4. Grab a Notepad:

Always make notes. Notes should be brief and precise. Keep two to three different notepads- math, vocab, general knowledge and current affairs etc. Develop your own dictionary of words. Keep “who is who”, “important days and events”, ” prizes and awards”, “sports and their specifications” on high priority.

You can go with physical (paper) notepads or you can even create some on whiteboard or google notepad or in MS word.

5. Math Magic:

Math puzzles and riddles are important to be cracked with accuracy and time efficiency too. Keep your hands on. Learn quick tricks. Learn Vedic Math.

5. Grow Focus and attention:

It is always advisable to do at least 15 mins meditation daily to keep your battery charged. Yoga and meditation will help you stay focused and on task. Also, keep yourself hydrated.

6. Practice!

A popular saying ” Practice makes a man perfect”. Do practice. It not only makes you enlightened but also brings confidence in you.

If sample papers are provided, practice them or find some good practice resources- workbook, textbook or worksheets.

Last but not the least, learning is a process and not the end. You have to always keep learning and folding it in your diaries of encyclopedias.


The fitness tales

Many quotes have been said, many articles have been written and many philosophies have been done too on the Yoga. Even, there has been bets on the origin of yoga too. I will share why I reinstated yoga into my life.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-21 at 00.14.46


It happened when I was engrossed into stomach ulcer. The medical treatments could not make any good impact rather they just led me to more medicines and body aches. Life used to suck at every moment-especially celebration times. As I could not relish any food. The turning point came when I discussed my stomach issues with a friend who happens to be a doctor too about the ultimate solution. She told me that it would be just another salt. It was a pause. I didn’t want a life in which everyday starts with a medicine and ends with a medicine.


I bought a yoga mat and started the yoga practice. Although, I remembered the yoga postures since I had learnt in Art of living, still I shuffled youtube for the support; especially the ones which can help me cure my disease and burn excess fat around belly and thighs. My favorite ones are shilpa shetty and Boho beautiful.

As I am doing it for last year, the medicines have expired and i am alive happily!!!

I will start sharing the asnas and their benefits. So, stay tuned.


Pic Courtsey: Mehran Uddin #Travelicious


Sowing Seeds


The goal of every childhood education should be to activate child’s own natural desire to learn” -Maria Montessari

Sowing seeds is a place where children are not taught but nurtured; where education is not delivered but gifted softly. It focusses on the overall development of child with extensive techniques, child-centric teaching methodologies and focus creating tools. The teaching is done keeping in mind the softness of the childhood following the criteria of ‘simple to complex’.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-06 at 00.32.54

Here’s a brief introduction of the school from the mouth of the very dynamic and dynamite personality -the Owner and Principal of school- Diksha Aswani. The interview was taken in the school campus itself to have a close feel.

Me and Diksha Ji at Sowing Seeds
Best Selfie with the lady with a mission

Q1. Diksha Ji, I have heard a lot about your passion towards the school. The curiosity has brought me here. First of all, I would like to know about  the foundation of the school.

A1. I always wished to do something in the education field but I was so engrossed in the upbringing of my two boys that I couldn’t. Since they are grown up now to take care of themselves, I am able to focus on my mission.

I started the school four years ago. My school is a Kindergarten school with Principal’s office, four classrooms with natural light, one activity zone with extensive tools, one play area and a big auditorium hall. We also take the advantage of the adjoining park for the physical activities. I have ensured that the floor is matted properly so that kids don’t get hurt. I have allowed the natural light to come in the rooms as the tender bodies require Vitamin D and fresh air to grow naturally.

As it is said ‘The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step.’ I also wish that the journey I have started will help me spread the right education strategies to the society. Moreover, my goal is to make it grow to a primary school which is on high demand from parents. “It is not what is poured into a student that counts but what is planted”

Q2. Education is a service which always carries a strong vision. What is your philosophy when you laid the foundation of ‘Sowing Seeds’?

A2. The top priority for me is the ‘HAPPINESS’ of the child. I focus on the happiness of the child, the learning will eventually follow. You might have heard, Don’t educate your child to be rich. Educate your child to be happy. So, they know the value of things not price.”

Sowing Seeds- Where Growth Comes Automatically

Q3. What are the key factors focused while the curriculum is designed?

A3. Keeping the focus on happiness, there are multiple things the school works on:

  • Overall growth and grooming of the children
  • Cover every aspect: cognitive, intellectual, behavioral and physical
  • Boost the confidence level
  • Create space for the natural growth under guided grounds
  • Value based education

You will be surprised to know that little ones conduct the assembly on a small stage with the support of teachers. It helps boost their confidence level.

Q4. Since Pre-schooling lays the base for the growth of the children; just like a tailor, teacher chooses blend of right platforms (fabric), right thread (tools) and right format (curriculum), please tell us what skill formations and activities are focused on in the ‘Sowing Seeds’?

A4. Basically Shilpa, there are three learning styles: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. We, at Sowing Seeds, focus on all three styles through developing their cognitive skills, gross motor skills, sensory skills, fine motor skills and last but not the least, Oration.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-28 at 15.18.15

Teachers facilitate the learning through different techniques – individual attention, small group work, team work and stage performances.

We have built diverse zones – sensory station, pouring station and free play station etc. through which the complex concepts are taught in play way method.


Tiny tots are also put into little innovative games like “Arm to Arm” Race, “Bangle” Circle, Blocks and Placards, Sand cart play fun and Name your favorites etc.

We also amuse them through music and dance, which is again a part of learning. We instill the forgotten traditional values of nationalism, brotherhood, sense of humor and respect for elders etc. through these.

Q4. The place Kamla Nagar, Agra is a hub of Preschools. What makes you stand out in the crowd?

A4. Yes, there are schools mushrooming in every corner. But sadly, valuable concepts are not being acknowledged. Well, I have never been in any race. I am doing my job with complete dedication. Our pattern is completely different though. We have always been pioneer in doing experimental and successful things.  We generate a curriculum which is child -centric and value based. Our USP is “Personal Care and attention”. Moreover, Sowing seeds enables the general awareness among children practically.


The knowledge is sought and executed very differently here. We go deep rooted and impart a learning which lasts.

Our mechanism is such that it helps the child become a lifelong learner and critical thinker. While sticking to the roots, we make them grow. Not only that, they easily get admitted to the schools with good remarks.

Q5. The accessibility to real world provides first hand information to the child and a good step towards lifelong learning. Do you believe in enriching children through field trips and excursions.

A5. Very true. The field trips and excursions are always the best tools for providing real education. I do value it and inculcate the same quite often. Further, we plan them and correlate with the curriculum too. So far, we have taken students to the best bakery in the town MKOP where they relished the cakes and a cute demo of cakes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apart from that, the fruit and vegetable market visit, park visit, salon visit and post office visit etc. are scheduled too.

Q6. Annual events are the best platform to exhibit the learning and confidence of the child. Parents always look forward to see their little ones performing on stage or showing the physical skills through annual day or sports day. How do you celebrate the completion of the year?

A6. Since the early years of childhood are the years of physical growth. Throughout the year, my team focuses on the physical activities like yoga, games, races and Taekwando etc. So, I celebrate their annual learning and childhood through annual sports day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Q7. Behind every successful organization, it is the mentor’s planning and team’s execution working in a harmonious pattern.

A7. Well said, Shilpa Ji. My team has always been supportive of my decisions and the curriculum designed by me. They put forward the planning with 200% zeal and enthusiasm. I just adore them.

Q8. Nowadays, technology use is so much in fashion and we see parents or administrators committing the remarks that my child is a whiz with Pads and Gaming apps etc. As an educator, what is your take on the technology intervention in early years?

A8. I strictly stand against the idea of using the technology as a tool of learning. Although, we can surely use them for reinforcement. It is a shame on our society that we are taking away the innocence from the childhood by giving them the gadgets. We are missing the joy of real work, one-on-one conversation, feel the nature, mess up with colors and arranging-rearranging the toys.

There is a lot of exposure to the technology already at home in the form of Tabs, Smart Phones and TV. Somewhere we have to ration it. In the name of gadgets, all I have is one smart-screen which is used authentically and one music system. And I proudly call my school a “No-Gadget” premise.

 Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” The little ones at Sowing Seeds are being given an education enriched with the elements of physical, psychological, intellectual and vocal skills. Keep sowing the seeds of perfect education and  provide a beautiful knowledgeable world to us! Thanks Diksha Ji and all the best!






Wardrobe Gossip

‘Style is very personal thing. It has nothing to do with fashion.’ ‘Wardrobe gossip’  not only innovates styles but makes you feel special with it’s uniqueness. The best quality fabric, the fine stitch and the caring touch inside-outside are the features.

51775654_419170138860100_6104321126702252032_nThe clothes give your personality an appeal. It personifies your aura. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. So always wear stylish clothes.


Neemrana Fort

“Happiness Lies In Opening Doors to heartfelt places”

Door To Happiness

The evenings and mornings are mesmerising with birds and peacocks waking you up. The food is good. Excellent choice for the ones who wish to relive the prince and princess world. A lovely place to visit. Great heritage world. Minus the stair cases, the place is a must visit.

Here are some clicks to let you enjoy all about it!

My visit was on friends birthday which doubled the passion. The mouth watering food and royal dining ambience is what you would admire.

Tradition and culture of Rajasthan is well represented by artifects, traditional styled doors, the hand crafted wooden room decors and even the dress code of the staff gives you the royal vibe. You don’t need a time machine to take you to the old times just make a visit to Neemana fort resort and you are good to go.

The dawn and dusk here is so mesmerising that blows your mind away. The breeze tells the tales of welcoming people around, the birds sing the story of royal feathers and the peacock make their majestic appearance to embrace you.

CLick by
Morning Love click by Me
Happy faces

PS: Don’t go if you have knee issues. A lot many staircases will be much of a discomfort if you have some ortho issues
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Valentine Travel Destinations

In this pandemic, travelling abroad is a far choice of every travel lover. With so many cautions, it is the best time to explore our homeland travel destinations. It will not only take us closer to our culture but also make you feel enlightened about our homeland. I am sharing few places in India where I have travelled and I always wish to revisit them again. Apart from that, these places are neat and hygienic.

The Coral Tree Homestay

The Coral Tree Homestay, Agra(U.P.) is my first choice due to its green space. I find solitude when I am there. Surrounded by plants and birds around, it makes your stay memorable. The blue and yellow painted doors and walls make every corner picturesque and insta-worthy. Equipped with the best amenities, it is a perfect match for nature lovers. It also captures first place due to its less distance (around 500m) from Lovers destination point- the Taj Mahal.

Haveli, Jalandhar(Punjab)

If you are in north India, Haveli in Jalandhar is a one stop destination for you. A perfect place for food lovers, allows you to have a rich experience in Punjabi food and culture. There are fun zones for kids, teenagers and adults. One can shop from the souvenir shops too. Get yourself photographed with Punjabi Village background. Altogether, it will certainly make your evening an electrifying and delightful one.

Resort De Coracao, Goa

Goa is the heartthrob of every Indian when the gates abroad are sort of closed. Resort De Coracoa, Goa is a budget hotel with good basic amenities. It has a shopping mall right in front of it. You may also spend your evenings in the open restaurants close by. The hotel also has the advantage of being close to beaches.

Lohagarh Fort Resort, Lohargarh, Rajasthan

A dream destination. The stay at Lohagarh fort resort makes you feel pampered and loveable. Great hospitality, perfect ambience and incredible amusement things embedded, it is a unique place to visit. A luxury life ensured while you stay with villas, cottages and suites. Heritage and nature is an add on feature. Food is fresh and delish. Altogether, a visit-again place.

Orcha, MP

Majestic Orcha is a lovely and lonely planet. If you are an admirer of architecture, Orcha is a must visit place. You would fall in love with the temples and their architecture around. The mesmerizing chatris and sunsets are charming and persuasive. It is the only place where you can find ‘us’ time and rejuvenate your relationship.

Home Sweet Home

Last but not the least, home is where you can relax and chill the way you want it without spending a single penny. Reuse your Diwali Lights and decorate the walls with floral bedsheets. Use flowers from your balcony to fill the home with good aromas. Order some candles online to lit the valentine night bright and memorable one. Wear your favorite cool dress and spend a gala time listening to your favorite music or watching the netflix drama together which you paused to watch together, as the couple protocol states.

Who Am I?

Who am I you may well ask
I really wish I knew
If I am not myself at all
Then maybe I am you
To discover who I really am
Is really quite a task
Maybe I am someone else
Who wears a funny mask
I strive so hard to know myself
To discover the “real me”
My thoughts and feelings all confused
Yet still I cannot see
What makes me tick?
What makes me feel?
So very special and unique
My purpose in this glorious world
Is what I truly seek
I wish I could be creative, self confident and smart
Not quiet, shy and insecure
Emotional at heart
I wish I had the confidence to say what I really feel
Instead of fearing criticism
Uttering words that seem unreal
Why at times do I feel so alone
And just yearn for a friendly face
While at others I just long to be
In some far off distant place
With no one else to bother me
And disturb my rambling thoughts,
Until my conscience brings me back
To do the things I ought
And so I continue on my way
On this journey they call life
I try to do the best I can
Though at times the goings tough
I’ll do my part to refine the world
And make it a better place
By being “me” to my capacity
With each trial I have to faceBy Faigie Rabin

Kickstarted the new year with two fashion brands Amoli and women_fashionlove. My transformation from a teacher to Principal and to Blogger is not an easy to go down the throat kind of. The journey has allowed me expand my wings and grow personally. I not only explored a new me but also became a support system for other brands. Adoring this journey, I give my commitment to give my due strong 10% to my blog after my 90% research and work. Kudos to the successful bloggers who keep themselves updated with the stream. Believe me, it is not easy. But I will do following five steps to help me succeed:

  1. Plan my posts.
  2. Keep my content unique.
  3. Conceptualize my videos
  4. Explore and Learn
  5. Meet more people.

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Patna Bird Sanctuary

Are you looking for a day of serenity and peace? Patna Bird sanctuary, Jalesar is the right answer for you. Patna Vihar Bird Sanctuary is a protected sanctuary in the Jalesar sub division of Etah district in Uttar Pradesh. It covers an area of 108 hectares, and was founded in 1991. It is the smallest bird sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh, with a wetland area of only 1 km2.

It is said to be named after the village ‘Patna’ situated in Jalesar. You can even go via your two or four wheeler if you are in close by places. The roads are clean and tidy with greenery on both sides.

It is situated in the heart of the city Jalesar which is just a half kilometer from Jalesar Bus Stand .There are regular buses from other cities to Jalesar .

The door is so welcoming and exciting that you already feel the love for the place. As if one is going to experience the hidden treasures of nature in a beautiful way.

The place also has a deck sitting area to relax and relish. Washroom facilities are available too. There are towers for the photography and handpumps for the sweet water. You may carry your own packed food and water too.

The water quality of lake supports wide range of avifauna during winter season. The important aquatic birds inhabiting lake are Lesser Whistling-Duck,Graylag Goose,Comb Duck,Ruddy Shelduck,Gadwall,Eurasian Wigeon,Indian Spot-billed Duck,Northern Shoveler,Northern Pintail.

There is a large variety of flowers to make your presence delightful. Hibiscus, Rose and Bogunvillia etc. The aquatic flower water lily is just an eye candy.

Although smallest bird sanctuary, it has a large variety of birds. The purity of water and air complement the wildlife sanctuary. A lot of pine and neem trees make the giant presence and photo worthy place. It is also a favorite place for the migratory birds, blue bull, ducks and geese. Winter is the best time to witness the large variety of species.

Wildlife photographers adore the place and capture the best moments they could to bring it to the eyes of the common people.

PC: Me

Let’s know about a few of the large species of birds:

WHEATEAR: The wheatear is a small mainly ground-dwelling bird. It hops or runs on the ground. The male is blue-grey above, with black wings and white below with an orange flush to the breast. It has a black cheek. In flight it shows a white rump and a black ‘T’ shape on its tail.

WAGTAIL: The wagtail is a delightful small bird with long-tail.

EURASIAN COOT: Common on lakes, reservoirs, and slow-moving watercourses, in fresh and brackish marshes, and occasionally on saltwater. Breeding pairs aggressively territorial but nonbreeding flocks can number in hundreds. Often out on open water and dives readily; also feeds by upending or grazing on grassy shore. Adult distinctive: salty black overall with white bill and forehead shield. Immature has duller bill, like adult by midwinter. When walking on shore, note big feet with lobed toes.

KNOB BILLED DUCK: Large bicolored water bird. Both sexes are iridescent purplish-green above with a white or buffy breast. Males have a large black lump on the bill, dark flanks and whitish belly, whereas females have a plain bill and gray flanks. Note all dark wings. Occurs throughout much of Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. Found in freshwater rivers, lakes, and marshes where it is usually uncommon. Normally silent.

GADWALL: Same size as Mallard but with a thinner bill. Males appear gray overall with a small white patch on wing; larger, puffier head than Mallard. Females similar to Mallard; note thinner bill, white wing patch (sometimes visible) and orange line along the edge of the bill. Dabbles on the surface of the water and up-ends to reach aquatic vegetation.

SILVERBILL OR MUNIA: Small, long-tailed finch with a chunky body and short, stout bill. Gray-brown above and pale below with a whitish rump and black-pointed tail. Highly sociable throughout the year. Found in semidesert, scrub, and dry woodland but also proliferates in urban areas. Distribution is centered on the Indian subcontinent, but it is a popular cage bird and feral populations are widespread.

Teach Like a Pirate- Book review

“Light yourself on fire with enthusiasm and people will come from miles around just to watch you burn.”

Teaching is equally proportional to the enthusiasm and adversely proportional to the fear of failure. One has to immerse deeply and get drenched in the ocean of wisdom and knowledge to deliver the best. One has to choose between being just a trainer or a lifeguard who will guard student’s fears and weak areas and swim them through.

The author Dave Burgess brings the idea of dividing passion into content passion, personal passion and professional passion. He suggests that one can use either of the passions in the teaching.

It is not necessary that you are always passionate about the content you teach, in that case you can incorporate your personal or professional passion into teaching. Not only that, every lesson can even include LCLs-Life Changing Lessons. And passion can work as intoxicating drug especially teacher’s personal passion. When you bring your personal passion into your teaching, you will start to love your work and it will certainly become more creative and interesting. Correlate your lessons and incorporate what you love.

As Jimmy Johnson said, ” Do you want to be safe and good or do you want to take a chance and be great?”

Teach like a pirate is a manifesto of teaching and shares all ins and outs about teaching. The book holds good composition of words along with quotations of famous educators. Along with that, it also gives book references and personalities to follow. Teach like a Pirate is a bible for teachers and every teacher must read it so as to explore the beautiful journey they are yet to explore.

Some quotes I liked:

“teaching is no longer about relaying the content standard…it’s about transforming lives.”

“Much of your success as an educator has to do with your attitude towards teaching and towards kids. The rest of your success is based on your willingness to relentlessly search for what engages students in the classroom – and then having the guts to do it.”

“Pirates are daring, adventurous, and willing to set forth into uncharted territories with no guarantee of success. They reject the status quo and refuse to conform to any society that stifles creativity and independence. They are entrepreneurs who take risks and are willing to travel to the ends of the earth for that which they value.”

In short, you will learn to:

  • Tap into and dramatically increase your passion as a teacher
  • Develop outrageously engaging lessons that draw students in like a magnet
  • Establish rapport and a sense of camaraderie in your classroom
  • Transform your class into a life-changing experience for your students

Length: 192 Pages

Estimated Time To Read: 7 hrs

Rating: 5 star


What Makes Math Look Like A Math Goon

I am overwhelmed to have a young guest writer for my webpage on a very interesting topic ‘What Makes Math Look like a Math Goon’ so as to spread positivity about the subject and remove the math anxiety. I congratulate Ms. Sanjhi Sharma for her hard efforts and precious time devotion.

About the guest writer:

Sanjhi Sharma is s student of class 9 and studies in one of the reputed schools of Agra, Prelude Public School. The school should proudly take to credit to give birth to writers and infuse such talent among their children.

Teach-o-logy Session #2

An Insight Into Child Behavior with Ms. Almas Dhanani Thomas

” While we try to teach our children all about life, teachers teach them what life is all about.”- Angela Schwindt

A teacher holds a strong role in understanding, analyzing and uplifting the behavior of children. Celebration of teacher appreciation week certainly calls for someone who fits the best as a child counselor. I humbly welcome our next guest Almas Dhanani Thomas. The literal meaning of Almas is diamond and she is certainly no less than a gem.

About the guest:

Almas Dhanani Thomas
She has M.Sc, M .Ed, diploma in child psychology. She has been teaching since last 10 years. She is Presently Teaching in St. Peter’s College, Agra. She also works as child counselor. She also runs a small scale business of customized soaps and scrubs as well. Last but not the least, she is a fashion designer too.

Teachers play extremely important role as students follow them blindly and keep them ahead of the parents. I read in the book ‘Teach Like a Pirate’ that teacher has to get drenched in and ‘swim’ with the students only then they will feel how they really feel. Almas thinks likewise and she also recommends that we as teachers hold ourselves responsible for their academic and behavior changes. As Life is 90% imitation and 10% realization and students do imitate their teachers. They give much value to the words of teachers than the parents. It becomes dual important for a teacher to understand the child behavior and strategies to upgrade them.

The shift of society and stagnant position of education system is also responsible for behavioral issues. The society changed but our education system was still not upgraded as per the society changes.

Almas- “Using technology is good but technology has a limitation of not transferring our religious or cultural values the way a teacher or a parent can guide and counsel them to do.” Technology in teaching is revolutionary and need of the hour but along with that the sentimental values are important to keep them connected socially.

An Insight Into Child behaviour

Here are the three takeaways of the wonderful session with Ms. Almas:

  1. Teachers are the one who shape the lives of children. It is important for them to acknowledge all the students and make efforts to uplift every child.
  2. Have a balance in your life. Don’t get influenced with temporary things easily.
  3. It is a difficult time for everyone specifically for teachers and students. Students should have respect for their teachers and teacher should take this time(Covid) as an opportunity and should adapt themselves to the new pedagogy.

You can also watch complete session on our page by clicking on this link:

Our humble gratitude to Almas for accepting the invite and sharing valuable thoughts! Also, we wish to send huge thanks to the young host Ayushi Chaubey, law student and a wonderful speaker.


This teacher’s day was a sad affair due to Covid when it comes to the celebrations or the greetings or even the salary. We, at education tales , wish to keep the teacher-student- parent relation integrity maintained and strong as it was. In the same context, Teach-o-logy sessions are planned during the week 7th Sep- 12th Sep. The objectives of these sessions is to know the art and science behind the teaching. Apart from that, these sessions are also aimed to focus on the psychological, financial and social status of the teachers.

You can watch those sessions at our Instagram page/ educationtales.

Teach-o-logy Session # 1


About the guest:
Mr. Manish Rai is a lecturer in R.E.I College,Agra and an honorary teacher in Dayalbagh Educational Institute-Distance Learning Centre,Agra. With the thought that “Education is the key to empower children and remove poverty in a single generation”; he searched for likeminded people and started free classes over the weekend for street children in 2008. He visited slum areas and motivated the families residing in slum areas, to send their children to school. In order to bring about a lasting positive impact in the lives of these children, Manish started an NGO “Ek Pahel B.R. Memorial Welfare Society” in December 2009. Under his leadership, Ek Pahel started a primary school in 2010 with the aim to provide free of cost quality education to the children, free books, stationery and one time meal to the students. With time, the school gained popularity amongst the residents of the nearby localities through street plays and rallies organized by Ek Pahel team on “importance of education” and “ill effects of child labour”.
Under his mentorship, a year ago Ek Pahel started another school NCLP in association with Ministry of Labour in Kamla Nagar for rehabilitation of children belonging to minority class and engaged in child labour.
Follow them on social.media Facebook/ Instagram/ ekpahel


Dr. A. P J Abdul Kalam has rightly said: If you wish to shine like Sun, first you have to burn like the Sun. And Mr. Manish Rai is a true promoter of the saying. He is a man of his words and his actions are always selflessly unique and dedicated. It was an honor to have him on board. Below are the three takeaways of the session:

1. “Be the change you wish to see in your students.” Set good examples.

2. One has to do rigorous and aimed efforts so as to succeed. There are no shortcuts to success. It falls to those who work for it.

3. “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” — Albert Einstein We are loosing the human touch and integrity. The love and appreciation among teachers and students have degraded from both ends which is a scary situation for a cultural nation of ours. We need to uplift the ethical values along with academics too. The education minus gratitude is just a dog training.

For complete session, please go to our page:

Be a Math-o- holic

Two plus two is always four,
Get it right for the perfect score.
Complicated are the formulas,
Scarier than the tarantulas.
But once you get the hang of it.
Believe me, it shall do the trick.
Maths is comparatively simple dear
It’s love that you should fear.
” by a blogger with the tagline -wild scared crazy

Math phobia or fear or anxiety is a mental state when one starts fearing it even before attempting it. It initiates when do not feel comfortable with the numbers or calculations and reaches its saturation level when your math struggle is not addressed in a right direction. It is also said to be caused by a virus called FOF- Fear Of Failure.

MATH FOF- Causes And Effects:

There are many reasons behind the pile up math fear. Few are listed below:

First and foremost, the conceptual teaching is not made in a customized way for you. If you don’t get it once, it has to be re addressed as many times as you would want to.

Basic concepts should be made clear. They will keep coming in your way otherwise.

At times, calculations are lengthy and boring. But be in the rhythm and do learn math tricks or have your personal style of learning and making calculation easier.

Also, the formulas and word problems seem to be a pebble too. But if they are taken in story form or related with your real life issues, you will find it easy and related.

Math fear should be eradicated at the right age and right time else they may lead to critical physical conditions like sweating, blood pressure, nausea, vomitting, tummy ache as and when some math test is there.


One will have to stand and fight the Math FOF – Fear Of Failure.

Break The Cycle Of Fear. Address and Resolve the issues one by one. Remove them from their roots.

  • Turn your negative math experiences into positive ones by polishing your math skills.
  • Math Avoidance is not a solution at all.
  • Practice and Prepare in advance.

Overcome Math FOF

There is only one way to learn math, practice it! Math Fear is not a permanent thing, one can overcome it with continuous and right efforts.

Apart from the points listed above, have a positive attitude towards math.

Embrace the mistakes positively. Keep on trying until you succeed. Last but not the least, make your own style or math rules to learn the rules!

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